Online Skincare Consultations With Brittany Lorraine

Brittany Lorraine is a Board-Certified esthetician and skin care expert, now offering online consultations to clients throughout San Diego! Brittany understands that each client is unique, and must be treated as such. She emphasizes long-term skin care solutions that will keep your skin looking fresh and youthful well after your virtual visit. With the help of an in-depth skin evaluation, a lineup of hand-picked products, and a step-by-step roadmap, Brittany’s expertise will guide you to the vibrant, glowing skin you’ve always dreamed of.

Why Is Virtual Skin Care Consultation Better Than An In-Person One?

Get a Virtual Consultation

2020 has prompted many businesses to pivot, and reimagine how they connect with their clientele, and the skin care industry is no exception. Fortunately, most estheticians are still offering virtual skin care consultations to their most committed clients, and newbies alike. And for many, the virtual experience is actually preferred. Why, you may ask?

For starters, you don’t have to leave the comfort of your home to have a personal, one-on-one experience with your esthetician. You can kick back in your comfy clothes, without having to worry about impressing the other folks that are out and about. All of your everyday products will be easily accessible in the event your esthetician asks a question you weren’t prepared for. Not to mention, skin takes on average 27 days to regenerate, so rather than visiting your esthetician once, why not nail down the perfect at-home routine while you have the ear of an expert?


Like online doctors visits, live stream workouts, and zoom happy hours, virtual esthetician appointments are the new thing. Enjoy a casual, and informative visit with your esthetician without ever having to leave the couch. To achieve healthy, glowing skin is a long term commitment, and your esthetician is here to help guide you every step of the way. Upon determining your skin type, assessing your concerns, and examining your products, your esthetician will be equipped with everything she needs to create a personalized skin care routine exclusively for you.


Virtual skin care consultations are as simple as 1, 2, 3! First, your esthetician will get to know you a bit better. You’ll discuss your lifestyle, diet, and of course, your skin. Next, your esthetician will want to take a peek inside your cabinet to get a good look at your products. We recommend having your products on-hand and ready to discuss. Finally, she’ll assess your SPF expertise, and make sure that you’re shielding your skin with the proper sun protection.


Once your esthetician has a clear understanding of your skin care concerns and goals, she’ll then have the tools she needs to create a custom routine tailored to you. Not only will you receive personalized product recommendations, you’ll also get detailed instructions for how and when to use these products for their fullest affect. Your esthetician will also outline the specific order in which to apply these items, as well as the best application techniques. This includes all of your typical daily skin care products, such as cleansers, toners, moisturizers, you name it. Once you’ve reviewed your new routine, you can put it into action, and watch the magic work.


Before making any recommendations, your esthetician will conduct a thorough Q&A to ensure all of your skin care concerns are addressed. Your answers to these questions will help your esthetician determine your skin type and any possible deficiencies, so that she may address your skin’s unique needs. Each client is different, and while one may battle with a single skin care concern, others might suffer from a combination of several. You may even wish to take some notes before your appointment to guarantee you cover all of your concerns during your initial visit.


Not everyone has access to the same types of technology, and that’s perfectly fine. Brittany conveniently offers video or phone consultations to accommodate any client interested in a virtual visit. Video visits are conducted via Zoom, and will last approximately 30 minutes. Phone visits are conducted similarly, but will require the client to provide pictures of their skin care concerns ahead of time.


You may think that in order to have healthy, radiant skin one must regularly visit a dermatologist, but that’s simply not the case. Dermatologists are trained to treat skin issues with medications and certain procedures, while estheticians focus on nurturing the skin with long-term care such as facials, microdermabrasion, and the like. In fact, the two often work hand-in-hand. So, where can you find exceptional skin care in San Diego, without having to see a licensed physician? An esthetician, of course! And with virtual consultations now being the norm, it’s easier than ever to find a comprehensive skin consultation near you.



Those who are lucky enough to have normal skin have few blemishes or imperfections. Normal skin looks radiant and refined, without being overly dry or oily. They’re not prone to sensitivities, and can typically use most skin care products without issue.


Dry skin usually has a dull and rough appearance. With less elasticity, dry skin can feel tight, and is prone to cracking and peeling. These symptoms can be further worsened by weather, exposure to UV light, excessively hot showers or baths, and even some medications. Individuals with dry skin should avoid bathing too often, use only mild soaps and detergents, and moisturize often.


Oily skin can be just as pesky to deal with as dry skin. Signs of oily skin include frequent breakouts, enlarged pores, and an overall greasy appearance. Most often, people experience oily skin during their teenage years after hitting puberty. But other factors can cause oily skin as well, including stress and changes in weather. This skin type should cleanse well daily, and only use products labeled as “non-comedogenic.” And of course, you should never pop or squeeze blemishes, as this can result in long-term scarring.


Folks with combination skin battle with both dry and oily spots. Areas such as the nose, forehead, and chin are prone to excessive oil production, while the cheeks are more likely to become dry. If you tend to get oily in your T-zone, or find yourself having to frequently change up your products, it’s quite possible that you have combination skin.


Sensitive skin can appear in a variety of ways. It could simply be some mild dryness or redness, or in more severe cases, itching, burning, and inflammation. If your skin seems prone to sensitivities, try to pinpoint the trigger. It could be related to diet, hormones, or even the products you’re using.


Acne-Prone Skin

Most people think acne only occurs during adolescence, but the truth is that many people battle breakouts well after their teenage years. What makes acne tricky to treat is the fact that it can be triggered by a multitude of different things. Common causes of acne include hormonal imbalance, vitamin deficiency, improper diet, poor hygiene, or even the products you’re using. Simple things like staying hydrated, cleansing makeup brushes or sponges, and eating a well-balanced diet can improve acne-prone skin, but often that’s not enough, which is when an esthetician can help!

Sensitive or Irritated Skin

Perhaps you don’t suffer from breakouts, but rather overly sensitive skin. Sensitive skin can appear as redness, dryness, puffiness, or even itching and irritation. It’s also possible to develop skin disorders such as eczema or rosacea, which will cause sensitivities. While there are a variety of factors that cause sensitive skin, the most common ones are diet and environmental factors like extreme cold or overexposure to sunlight. Individuals with sensitive skin should always opt for products that have fewer ingredients, and are fragrance-free.

Enlarged Pores

Pores are the tiny openings that you see dotting your face and body. They aid in the release of our body’s natural oils to keep the skin moisturized. Everyone has pores, but some have larger pores that are more visibly noticeable. This can be caused by things like genetics, damage from the sun, clogged pores, and more. While there’s no way to eliminate pores altogether, there are ways to reduce their appearance. Maintaining good hygiene, a healthy diet, and enlisting the help of exfoliants can shrink the size of pores. Both alpha hydroxy and beta hydroxy are great ingredients for minimizing pores, but be sure to use SPF when outdoors, as these chemicals can be drying.

Dull Skin

If you consider your skin to be dull, it probably lacks the healthy radiance you desire. Factors like aging, dead skin buildup, stress, and even poor sleep can cause your skin to look a bit lackluster. But don’t despair, there are plenty of things you can do to help combat dull skin. First and foremost, you want to lather on the sunscreen any time you step outside your door. Since dull skin is often dehydrated, you should invest in a good moisturizer, and apply it generously day and night. If your dull skin needs a refresh, visit your esthetician, and inquire about a chemical face peel. This will help resurface the skin, and get rid of any lingering dead skin cells.


Probably the number one skin concern besides acne is anti-aging. Let’s face it, no one wants to grow old and see their skin begin to wrinkle and crease. Aging is unfortunately inevitable for all of us, but there are tricks to preserving your youthful skin for as long as possible. While it may seem redundant, we can’t stress enough the importance of protecting your skin with a strong SPF. Damage from the sun can cause skin to appear tight and leathery, or even result in unwanted dark spots.


As mentioned above, your virtual skin care consultation will be accompanied by a personalized treatment plan, along with detailed instructions. These instructions will include things like:

  • The best time of day to apply each product
  • The order in which to apply the products
  • How much of each product should be applied
  • How often you should apply products
  • Best techniques for applying the product
  • How best to handle sensitivities to products
  • Seasonal skin care routine changes (ie. increasing the amount of moisturizer you use in the winter months)

Your esthetician will work with you to ensure that this treatment plan fits your lifestyle, and budget, so it’s realistic to keep up from home.


Product Recommendations And Product Suggestions

With your personalized treatment plan will also come a series of product recommendations suited for your skin’s needs. Your esthetician will highlight which products you should continue using, as well as which ones you ought to ditch. You’ll save money, time, and the headache of having to hunt down your own perfect products. The more you’re willing to invest in your at-home routine, the less you’ll have to spend down the road on expensive treatments.


How Are Online Esthetician Appointments Conducted?

Your virtual esthetician appointment can be conducted via phone or a Zoom video call. Simply fill out the form to inquire for an appointment, and we’ll do the rest. You’ll be contacted within 48 hours with a selection of available appointment times. If you sign up for a Zoom consultation, you’ll receive a link with your appointment confirmation.

How Do I Call for My Appointment?

Call the number above or just email us!

How Long is a Virtual Consultation?

A virtual consultation is usually an hour long, but can be longer or shorter depending on your needs!

Is Diet and Nutrition Addressed?

While your esthetician won’t press you on your dietary or nutritional habits, she will offer some insight into how certain food groups could be affecting your skin. If you know for certain that you’re lacking in certain vitamins or nutrients, it may be worth mentioning. After all, your health on the inside reflects your health on the outside, especially the condition of your skin.

Should My Makeup Be Removed?

For best results, makeup should be removed before your virtual skin care consultation. This will allow your esthetician to get the best assessment of your skin, blemishes and all. If you plan to attend this visit on-the-go, consider emailing your esthetician photos of your makeup-free skin ahead of time.

Will You See My Skin Clearly On Camera?

With proper lighting and a clear camera, your esthetician should be able to get a good glimpse of your skin. Her assessment coupled with your detailed discussion should provide ample information for her to determine a diagnosis. If at all you feel concerned, again, you’re welcome to email photos ahead of time for your esthetician to review.

What are the Technical Requirements for Online Appointments?

To schedule a virtual visit with your esthetician, there are a few technical requirements you should be aware of. The following are some things you’ll need prior to your appointment:

  • An email address that you check frequently, as this is where you’ll receive all correspondence from your esthetician.
  • A device with a webcam such as a laptop, phone, or tablet.
  • A sound internet connection that won’t be interrupted during your visit.
  • A basic understanding of Zoom’s video conferencing platform.
  • A well-lit room that allows your esthetician to see your skin as clearly as possible.
  • Have your products on hand and ready to review.

What If a Client is Running Late?

Brittany will always do her best to accommodate clients who are running a bit behind if her schedule is not fully booked. That being said, appointments are scheduled only for their allotted amount of time. In the event that a client’s appointment immediately precedes yours, you’ll have to reschedule, in which case you will be charged a cancellation fee.

What is Your Return Policy?

Unfortunately, Brittany does not offer returns for her virtual skin care consultations. Once a client has booked an appointment, their fee is non-refundable.

What If I Need to Cancel or Reschedule?

In the event that you’re unable to make your scheduled appointment, 24-hour notice is required to avoid a cancellation fee. If you do not provide notice of your cancellation, you’ll be charged for the appointment unless the vacancy is filled by another client.

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