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If you’re looking for professional sugar waxing hair removal services in Las Vegas, you’ve come to the right place!

We’re licensed estheticians, ready to remove your unwanted hair on your legs, arms, underarms, buttocks, bikini area, and everything in between!

  • Smooth For Weeks
  • No Razor Bumps
  • You’ll Look Great In A Bikini or Lingerie!
Call (725) 867-7753 to schedule your Waxing Appointment Today!

Why Choose Us for Your Sugar Hair Removal Experience?

  • 5 star⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ rated sugar waxing professionals who do Brazilians, arms, legs, underarms, bikini, and all other types of waxing!
  • Clean, comfortable & private environment and we welcome everyone!
  • Quality sugar wax & hard wax that’s perfect for sensitive skin and sensitive areas
  • Experienced and reliable sugar waxing professionals who are licensed and will custom-tailor your waxing experience

Why Brazilian Waxing Over Shaving or Other Hair Removal Techniques?

We take the OUCH out of waxing! Book your appointment today and find out what you have been missing. We promise you will be satisfied!

  • 100% pure and natural – just sugar, water, and lemon!
  • It’s never scorching hot so it will never burn the skin, unlike wax.
  • Does not adhere to live skin cells so it is less painful and less abrasive. It is water soluble and can never pull live skin, unlike resins in wax.
  • Safe for eczema or psoriasis.
  • Easy clean up – you will never leave sticky. Sugar wax is water soluble and we’ll wipe away any excess wax.
  • More sanitary because it never touches another client. Single glove and no sticks and strips like other types of hair removal!
  • Can extract shorter hairs, leading to permanency.
  • Leads to permanency faster since you can extract the hair in the shorter, active stage of growth before it is nourished.
  • Safe for all skin types, pregnant women, and is generally less painful than other types of hair removal.
Call (725) 867-7753 to schedule your Waxing Appointment Today!
Call (725) 867-7753 to schedule your Waxing Appointment Today!


At Brazilian Sugar Waxing Las Vegas, Brittany specializes in Brazilian waxing. Our spa has a unique way of doing our intimate waxing services, because instead of regular wax we use sugar wax. Our sugar wax is 100% natural sugar paste and it will leave your skin feeling silky and smooth after we perform your Brazilian waxing in Las Vegas.

With our experience and 5-star feedback from our Brazilian sugar waxing clients, we have clients coming back to get other parts of their body waxed. Taking into account pain factor and efficiency, we do our depilation a little differently from other spas. Pain is minimized with the proper technique from our depilation experts, and the benefits of sugaring as opposed to hard wax is bar-none. Our sugar paste is what helps our clients minimize the pain. Our sugar paste is 100% natural and completely safe for any type of skin – especially for sensitive skin – and we have our own recipe that creates the perfect Brazilian hair removal paste. Intimate depilation is more and more popular each year, so why wait to book your appointment?


There are many clients who call or visit us for hair removal services and many times they don’t know exactly what they are asking for. This intimate hair removal service should not be confused with a bikini wax. This type of service removes all hair in the pubic area all the way back to the inside of your buttocks. This procedure has many different names such as full bush, Hollywood, kitty, European, playboy, full, sphinx, California or “landing strip” versions. The different names can be very confusing, but the end result is simple – a hair-free undercarriage area. When you visit us simply tell us what you want to be removed and what you want to keep, and our licensed Esthetician Brittany will take care of you.


The difference between a traditional Brazilian wax and a sugaring Brazilian wax is a regular Brazilian uses hard wax and a sugaring Brazilian uses sugar wax. Sugaring is typically less painful and sometimes it might not be painful at all. Sugaring is usually considered less painful than waxing because the mixture doesn’t adhere to the skin like hard wax does, during Brazilians and any other type of waxing.



If you really want to see a smooth, clean pubic region, then there is no better option than the full Brazilian. Introduced in the late ’80s, it’s become the “go to” solution for women everywhere who want to get rid of unwanted hair on the front, back, and areas in between. If you have recently scheduled your first appointment, then you might be a little nervous. Here are some things you can do to ensure you are prepared for what is to come.


In order to reduce pain, there are two important things that need to be done. First, you must exfoliate the skin when coming in. This will help reduce the chance of pain and also ingrown hairs. Secondly, having long hair will be more painful. The perfect hair length should be between 4-6 weeks long. We DO NOT trim hair and we simply wax regardless or hair length. The only time we will not provide hair removal is if the hair is too short. We recommend having at a minimum of 3 weeks of hair growth when coming to our salon. If your hair is too short, you will not get the results you want and will also be more painful. We recommend you come in every 4-6 weeks for optimum results.


Most people are worried about the pain that comes from hair removal. There is no denying that the first time will hurt more than any other. Your following sessions will hurt less and less with time. It’s always a good idea to take some form of pain medication 1 hour before your appointment.


One of the most important things you can do before your first hair removal session is to prepare yourself mentally. This particular hair removal service involves removing all hair in the pubic region, anus, and buttocks. We understand it can feel a little uncomfortable. We are professionals so we make sure we provide some coverage to make you feel comfortable.


Many people choose to shower just before they go in for their appointment. It’s not mandatory, but it makes some people feel more comfortable. Can you wax during your period? Yes, and we recommend being clean when you come to see us. We do advise not to come in during heavy days. We do provide baby wipes for anyone who needs them also. When in doubt give us a call. The golden rule is always cleanliness.

Hair Removal Aftercare

How you care for yourself afterward is just as important as what you do beforehand. We recommend avoiding sexual intercourse, sun, exposure, sauna, hot tubs, swimming pools, beaches, lakes, rivers and to do with water. for 48 hours. This might be difficult with your new, smooth body, but friction, sweat, and bacteria can lead to irritation, discomfort, and infection and we suggest to follow our recommendations. If you are planning on going on vacation, we recommend NOT to get waxed the day before leaving just to make sure you have not reaction. This is mainly for a first time client.

Frequently Asked Questions for Brazilian Waxing Las Vegas

Wax While Pregnant

Can it be done? Yes, of course, we get women from the 1st trimester, 2nd trimester, and 3rd trimester come and get their Brazilian wax. Some even come days before delivering. During this time women do tend to be more sensitive, but many do continue doing hair removal. With our hormones doing crazy during our pregnancy many women to tend to grow even more hair during this period and many choose to wax. Don’t worry, we do get many women doing waxing while pregnant.

Teenagers Waxing?

So how old do you have to be to get a Brazilian wax? If you are 18 or older you are good. If you are a minor you will need one of your parents to sign our consent form in order to get your hair removal done. This includes any hair removal service.

Can You Get A Wax During Your Period?

Listen we are all women here so we know how it goes. So can you get a Brazilian wax during your period? The answer is yes, yes of course. We recommend to wear a tampon, and cleanliness is a priority. Just be advised that you will feel a little more pain than normal. Take pain medication and if possible try to avoid any heavy days, but if you absolutely need your hair removal service (we know the feeling), just follow the rules above and our estheticians will love you for it!

How Long Will The Service Last?

You should expect to be at our spa for about 30 minutes.

How Does It Last?

That really depends on how fast your hair grows, but usually, it takes about 3 weeks.

I’m Gong On Vacation, When Should I Wax?

If you are going on vacation or need your wax for a special occasion (wedding, returning service members, date, etc) we recommend to wax 5-7 days before your special occasion. That way you are 100% back to normal, smooth, and looking your best.

Can I Get A Wax If I Have A Sun Burn?

The answer is no. We won’t wax you if you do. Let’s keep your skin on please :).

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