The Best Tanning Drops You Should Try

Sunny weather is finally in full swing and chances are you're beginning to miss your once sun-kissed skin after those gloomy winter days. While on the market there are plenty of body bronzers and self-tanners that can help you kickstart the gradual glow, many of them aren't suitable for the delicate skin on your face. What is a gal to do, then? Enter: Drops of bronzing and tanning makeup. Specifically designed to give your face a natural, non-streaky, fresh-from-the-beach glow, these makeup drops are the ideal cure for your facial tanning woes. Bonus: some also offer additional skin care advantages such as additional hydration and anti-aging.

Using our data-driven algorithm, we searched the web high and low to round this list of the best tanning and bronzing makeup drops you can purchase. Start scrolling to shop your favorites, and get the glow stat back.


Meet your next skincare purchase, one-and-a-one. This face serum mixes self-tanner with hyaluronic acid and vitamin C so you can handle three phases in one.

95 percent saw anti-aging benefits in an independent market research panel of 82 people.

  • Argan oil, vitamin C, and hyaluronic acid formulated
  • Line and free of transition
  • Vegan


This famous bronzing tint provides a shimmer boost to the skin while balancing and softening imperfections and blemishes. Chat about multi-tasking.

USERS SAID: "I loved this right away! It's pure and it looks really natural and it's going to be a favorite for the future. I'm using it as a bronzer so I can combine it with day cream in the summer."


Use color-corrective technology and organic tanning active ingredients, this cult-favorite formula blends with your moisturizer to produce a perfect, sunken glow without stains, odors or orange tones. For an natural, just-back-from-the-beach feel, add a few drops of that to your skincare routine.

HELPFUL TIP: Use peach for light tanning and brightness raise, green for medium tanning and low redness, and violet for dark tanning and low orange / sallow tones.


USERS SAID: “This is the fourth face tanner that I've used, and it is by far the BEST—it gives the most natural tanned glow to the skin. Added bonus: I need much less makeup when using this product! Well done, Clarins!”

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