The Best Sheet Masks for Every Budget

The trend of taking selfies in a sheet mask has gone from novel to nearly required, but as fans of K-beauty have known for years, sheet masks give more benefits than just a funny picture. And now that every skin-care company seems to make at least one, we can all enjoy a few minutes of pampering — and incredibly good ingredients — without a mess or visiting a spa cost.

Sheet masks have been common, and we are fascinated with learning. Some shine, some hydrate, some soothe, some smooth — and some do all of the above and more. The mask materials themselves have been carefully tweaked to work with not only the ingredients they carry, but the faces they fit on, whether they are made from bamboo or bio-cellulose. And of course because they are manufactured by so many different brands now, they do come in a dizzying range of prices. But if you are willing and able to spend $3 or $30 on a single sheet mask, you're bound to find something that makes a skin-care treat for your Sunday night — or even a random Thursday afternoon.

These are our favorite picks for every budget. Go ahead and slap one on, relax for a few minutes, and, of course, snap a selfie.

Tatcha Luminous Dewy Skin Sheet Mask

It's kind of crazy how much goodness this ultra-fine microfibre material can be bundled into. That's what makes the Tatcha Luminous Dewy Skin Sheet Mask so fantastic: The lightweight material rests on your skin and infuses it with a hydrating mix of the brand's fermented green tea, rice and algae signature, along with vitamin E and essential fatty acids.

Lancôme Rènergie Lift Multi-Action Ultra Double Wrapping Cream Mask

The Renergy Lift Multi-Action Ultra Face Cream from Lancôme is great to start with but this Double Wrapping Cream Mask makes it even better. The mask is covered in it, but here's the twist: In one mask, there's more fatty-acid-rich, antioxidant linseed extract than in a whole cream container.

Farmacy Hydrating Coconut Gel Sheet Mask

If you're nervous about putting coconut oil on your face, don't worry — this sheet mask features coconut gel, or rather super-hydrated coconut water that is transformed into a gel format using hyaluronic acid to make it the perfect consistency for a moisturizing yet non-comedogenic sheet mask.

La Mer The Treatment Lotion Hydrating Mask

Since this is a sheet mask from La Mer, it should come as no surprise that it's a little more pricey than others, $30 for a single mask and $155 for six. But it should also come as no surprise that with the injection of the brand's favorite Care Lotion into one of the most well-fitting masks you'll ever wear, it's more comfortable than others too. The gleaming, plumped result is worth the splurge.

Too Cool for School Caviar Lime Hydra Essential Mask

My favorite Kinonen's sheet mask, Too Cool for School's Caviar Lime Hydra Critical Mask is disappointingly vegan. The "caviar lime" in the name has nothing to do with fish eggs — it is a fruit with some vitamin C that is extremely robust. The brightening ingredient combines on a cotton-and-eucalyptus material with hydrating hyaluronic acid to make the mask stick for optimum absorption of the ingredient.

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