Lip Tints You Need for That K-Beauty Fix

Lip tints have been (and still are) popular in Korea due to their long-lasting color and soft, comfortable application. Unlike conventional lipsticks that need a little more care, lip tints often allow you to make gradient lips depending on the amount of coverage. Here, we pick the best lip tints to shop now:

Etude House Korean Lip Tint

Such lip spots are watery and watery. Water lip tincture is the perfect choice for people who prefer to have marginal colors. It is possible, though, to add a water lip gloss to create a darker, increasingly white shade of the lips. They don't have a genius accomplishment, but they're the most popular, but they're not the least saturated. You should then add lip balm in advance. We determine global success Peripera's water lip tint is based on algorithm, coloring and bundling! All the water lip tones are equal, so we're coming back to this again and again. This pink looks dark in the bowl, but on the lips it looks very delicate and distinctive.

BBIA Korean Lip Tint

Apparently, it's just conveyed with one touch. An perfect line of eyes is formed without painting or spreading. Water and sweat are not completely separated, and the boundary is drawn simply and unmistakably for a long time.

It is important to use this. Apply it in the center of the lips and then brush the lips together with the form, painting the thin lips to reveal appealing, perfect lips.

What's more, often on the ear, the use of nutritional changes should be deemed acceptable, like kneading. Nectar, olive oil, or Vaseline can be used to clean the lips. Close your mouth in the evening until you relax. The next day, the lips are sticking open. Lipstick is having a greater effect on makeup.

TONYMOLY Korean Lip Tint

TONYMOLY is a crucial K-magnificence brand that mixes high-quality ingredients with creative ingenuity in a spectacular and unmatched mix.

A liquid hue that reflects simple and vibrant colors of the lips. It is easily swallowed by the mouth, containing jojoba seed oil, which has excellent cell recovery ability and enhances the strength and durability of the wrinkle.

VOLLUCK Korean Lip Tint

A special blending strategy in the shape of a delightful wine bottle from the past, available in 6 lip tones. They include luxury wines isolated from France for better saturation and for a more inclusive effect. It wouldn't adhere to the cup, since no colors or chips have been washed, the lips won't feel cold by any amount of imagination. It's strong and you'll need a lot of detergent for your solvent to extract it, so it's better to clear the lip gloss from a cosmetic so olive oil remover.


The Face Shop 3-in-1 lipstick is also a lip balm and UV safety kit. The Face Shop Cross Breed Lipstick has a moisture buffer that counteracts chipping and rough surfaces on the lips and softens them softly with the trademark body heat to saturate the skin. Don't only look beautiful, but at the same time be strong. This lipstick includes distinctive oils, such as sunflower oil or avocado oil, which retain moisture for an entire period of time, moisturizes and keeps the lips moisturized.


The non-stick finish gives it an increasingly inconspicuous elegance. Apply lip balm or lip balm to add a bright shine to your lips. The translucent equation makes it easy to change the light. Apply a thin coat on all your lips, and then add another coating from the inside to the middle of your lips to change the force to make a certain effect.

KARADIUM Korean Lip Tint

This glossy, lingering gloss involves the elimination of petals, producing a beautiful, dazzling lip shade and a strong glow. Each unique object produces a generic, bland look. When you are leaning towards a translucent light, consider the distinctive or transparent light of your eyes.

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