LED Light Therapy Masks That'll Reduce Acne

As with other beauty patterns, light therapy began as a procedure that you could only get in the clinic of a dermatologist. But unsurprisingly, its popularity has grown and, before we knew it, light therapy masks have become something that you can use at home.

Driven light therapy includes exposing the skin to various light wavelengths to treat different skin concerns — thinking everything from symptoms of aging to acne.

Light therapy masks will make a significant difference in the look and feel of your skin when combined with potent items such as serums or essences. That said, don't expect to change your skin overnight with these masks! LED light therapy does not have very drastic effects compared with other approaches to skin rejuvenation, but it is painless and needs no recovery time.

If you're looking to try one, keep checking out the best LED light therapy masks on the market for our picks.

Dermashine Pro 7 Color LED Mask

If there is one mask you're going to show you everything you may want, it's this one. Seven — yes, seven! —Miscellaneous light colours, remember every skin concern you've ever had. Blue light tends to relax and strengthen the skin and yellow light improves the texture of the skin and decreases redness, and green light increases pigmentation. Simply switch between colors depending on where you want to concentrate.

Newkey LED Face Mask Light Therapy

Listen, when it comes to masks with LEDs you really get what you're paying for. If you shine on your face a bunch of NASA-approved lights to shift your entire skin tone, you think it would cost you the most. Nevertheless, if you want to try the trend without wasting $500 (um, the same), try this favorite Amazon LED mask that uses 150 lights to shine on your face a skin-soothing color rainbow. For maximum results use it once or twice a day.

Baby Quasar MD Plus Light Therapy Device

Sure, this tool may look more like a showerhead than an LED mask, but don't be fooled: it's a effective, hella-efficient light therapy system specifically designed to dissolve the fine lines around your eyes (or TBH anywhere). The lens absorbs four wavelengths of red, amber, and infrared light that all work together better than an eye serum does to promote collagen development and circulation.

reVive Light Therapy Lip Care Device

This mask, made especially for your lips, helps reduce the appearance of wrinkles, lines, creases and loss of firmness. The red light enhances the circulation and improves the tone of the skin, making this a perfect anti-aging device. It's hands-free too, thanks to the special design that allows you to keep the product with your bite in place.

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