Green Tea-Infused Beauty Products for a Clear Skin

Eastern influences are enormous in beauty and fashion right now: we're talking about the East meeting western cultural collision in everything from celebrity style to our favorite ingredients. We're in a dedicated partnership with green tea when it comes to skin care: a celebrity product from Eastern roots and Western diaspora. We shine a spotlight on the benefits of green tea to skin, and how to use it for optimum glow in an easy and absorbable way.

Drinking and applying green tea prevents skin cancer by facilitating restoring DNA. Green tea has a potent antioxidant called EGCG that prevents UV-ray damage to DNA to prevent skin cancer.

Green tea is a chock full of vitamin B2 and vitamin E, which are both necessary for preserving skin health. B2 plays an important part in preserving levels of collagen for youthful skin structure and firmness. Vitamin E promotes the growth of new skin cells, and serves as an effective hydrator for smooth, nourished skin.

Mario Badescu Facial Spray with Aloe, Cucumber and Green Tea Mario Badescu's rosewater facial spray has been a cult favorite for years, and now the company has launched a new recipe-with green tea! This one's chock full of beneficial antioxidants from the tea that will offer your skin a rejuvenating boost with every usage.

Antioxidants are a powerful piece in the anti-aging puzzle as they work to reduce inflammation and free radicals which accelerate skin aging. Green tea is a especially useful antioxidant ingredient as it contains EGCG, a hard-to-find antioxidant that prevents pollution, sun damage, and chemicals. Stick to a tailored skin care regimen to effectively reverse cellular damage to reap the benefits of green tea for the skin, and improve the natural capacity of your skin to protect itself.

Here are our top picks for green tea infused products that you can try at home:

First Aid Beauty Hello FAB Caffeine Matcha Wake Up Wipes

Such hydrating face wipes are filled with green tea matcha superfood, which not only absorbs makeup and dirt like no other, but also energizes the skin due to its amount of caffeine. Hmm, forgot to take your makeup off before bed? Left those for a fast morning-after pick-me-up at your nightstand.

Montez Renault 3-in-1 Performance Wash

Yeah, who says guys in their grooming routine can't benefit from a bit of green tea too? Developed by Cincinnati Bengals linebacker Karlos Dansby and his college football friend Chris Butler, this 3-in-1 body wash is a favorite among celebs such as Neil Patrick Harris and Kevin Durant. This hydrating solution, packed with green tea extract, feeds everywhere, if people use it on their hair, face, body or all three!

Lina Hanson Global Treasures Eye/Neck Treatment + Balm

This antioxidant-filled balm, which uses Japan and Korea's ancient skincare techniques, features matcha green tea with its wide variety of benefits. This drug is an anti-aging saver from calming sunburns, reducing undereye puffiness and protecting against free radical sun damage.

Crude Personal Care Detox Mask

Mix with some water this organic green clay and green tea mask, lather it all over your face and enjoy instant detox on the skin. The clay exfoliates the skin while the green tea keeps skin looking youthful and strong by reducing the breakdown of collagen.

GLAMGLOW DreamDuo Overnight Transforming Treatment

Wake up with radiant, plump skin thanks to a new two-part device from GlamGlow. The green tea leaf serum that you add fights off all your anti-aging woes first, from fine lines to wrinkles — then the DreamSeal cream seals it all night.

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