Ghost Whey Protein Review – Is it Worth the Hype?

Protein powder is only one of those dietary aids that should be invested in by someone who is concerned about health, thanks to the ease and efficacy it provides. Well, you know we dissect the most interesting products on the market which is why the Ghost protein powder was on our list for reviewing supplements.

There's obviously a few interesting stuff in the recipe for Ghost protein, and also the bottle style that's a little off-kilter but being honest is pretty cool.

Ghost Protein Nutrition

One part of Ghost protein (one rounded scoop) contains 130 calories, 1.5 g fat (1 g saturated), 40 mg (13%) cholesterol, 160 mg (7%) sodium, 4 g (1%) carbohydrates, 1 g (4%) starch, 2 g (0 g added) sugar, and 25 grams of muscle-building protein.

Whey Protein Benefits

If you've read some of our previous protein supplement reports then you'll know exactly how much this macronutrient is important for optimal health and fitness.

Protein intake is necessary to build and rebuild muscle / all body tissue, improve energy, encourage weight loss and satiety, plus hormones, enzymes, and other chemicals need to be made.

But there are plenty of natural amino acids in all whey types used in the Ghost recipe, particularly leucine, which is the key branched-chain amino acid to facilitate protein synthesis. (6) Whey is also a fast-digesting type of protein, so it begins working on the repair cycle by promoting protein synthesis very quickly.

The take-home lesson here is that to lead a balanced lifestyle you need calcium, and lots of it. And certainly the physical benefits are worth making sure you eat a adequate daily volume, particularly if you want to optimize efficiency and aesthetics!


The fun part now ...... the taste! Ghost milk protein chocolate powder contains sucralose (pretty sweet), so mixing it with a high-sugar liquid-like whole milk or a liquid with added sugars will result in a very sweet shaking.

But, with low-fat milk, unsweetened almond milk, or water ... the flavor of milk chocolate is pretty delicious and I think most people who don't mind a Splenda-sweetened shake would enjoy that flavor and the smooth, creamy texture.

There are not many protein powders which can boast a great flavor without the addition of more fats and carbs. But Ghost did pretty well on this one.


Because of the added sunflower lecithin Ghost mixes well so there are no problems here. You won't need a mixer as a shaker bottle is just just fine to give you a smooth, delicious protein shake.

Price For around $50 bucks packed, 26 servings (only size) is not much for a whey protein powder and we'd have to say it's a bit of a expensive one. Though it is certainly not the most costly because there are other equally priced servings for the same or a little more.

For a reference, Dymatize Iso100 is similar in ingredients and price but for 23 servings it will cost about $30 delivered.

Yet, this is justifiable, because Ghost has just one size (2 lbs) of this drug.

This also depends on which organization you endorse and Ghost has a strong ethos and mission of the business.

Overall, ghost protein powder is a perfect choice for those looking for a meal or two per day to complement their nutrition. It is a pretty good recipe that has low calories, low fat and low carbohydrates. Plus, the flavor department is relatively adequate.

Although the amount of servings costs slightly more than your average protein supplement and the sucralose may not be a favorite fan for a large portion of protein users.

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