Best Women's Razors for Silky-Smooth Skin

You should have been hard pressed to find a single woman who likes to shave. Alas, it's an evil for some of us that we constantly deal with.

A trick to making hair removal seem semi-bearable is to find the right razor. If you're looking for a closer shave, a razor that moisturizes your skin or an electrical model that fits your on-the-go lifestyle, there's a razor that's right for you.

We asked skin experts to share their top picks — and they could only make you want to rasp!

Flamingo Razor

Shave easily with ergonomic handle of Flamingo razor. It also has five blades and comes in the finest colours, including gold taro and rose, and silver and pomelo.

Gillette Venus Sensitive Women's Disposable Razors

Getting some disposable razors on hand is always good — especially if you travel frequently or host guests in the house. This Venus razor has three blades that are surrounded by a moisturizing strip to ensure that your skin stays smooth. If you have sensitive skin, it is healthy to use too.

Schick Hydro Silk TrimStyle Moisturizing Razor with Bikini Trimmer

This razor is built to make it much easier to rasp your legs and bikini area. It has five curve-sensing blades on one side which have built-in skin guards designed to minimize discomfort. The blades are also covered by a moisturizing hypo-allergenic cream, which will leave the skin feeling smooth and relaxed.

Billie Razor

The billie razor has five blades surrounded in a rounded cartridge by charcoal soap, which allows for easy contouring of your curves. Plus, you can get four replacement blades for only $9 when you need them, after you've ordered them. Also, you can schedule replacements to come monthly or at certain times, depending on how much you shave.

Solimo 5 Blade Razor for Women

The Solimo razor has five blades surrounded by botanical oils enabled by water that help to moisturize the skin. This kit contains one suction hanger for the handle and the toilet, along with 12 refillable razors.

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