Best Sleep Masks of 2020 for the Most Restful Sleep

A decent sleep mask is meant to block the light and feel relaxed over your eyes. It will also help you adapt to various time zones when you're on a flight and avoid any disruptions at home from keeping you awake. Getting the right eye mask for you can be challenging, which is why the Good Housekeeping Institute Textiles Lab has checked sleep masks to find out which one can give you the highest quality of sleep.

Thanks to some support from customer testers, we looked at increasing sleep mask's ability to block light, ease of use, and overall comfort. We also laundered them to see how they're going to hold up over time. The eye masks included here are the champions of our checks, plus newer models with exclusive designs and a rave reviews.

How to pick a sleep mask: a good quality sleep mask is designed to block the light and will make you sleep more soundly, whether at home in bed or while driving. Here are other things to bear in mind when searching for a sleep mask: quality: of quality have different advantages, so we suggest that you pick the one you like better on your face.

Cotton: A common fabric for sheets, cotton sleeping masks are perfect if you love a super soft feel.

Silk: Silk has a super soft texture and a polished look that many enjoy as a pillowcase. The smoothness of the silk will help remove the symptoms of ageing and wrinkles.

Polyester: This synthetic material makes light eye masks that can emulate the look of silk at a lower price point.

Foam: Sleep masks with a domed foam design maintain their form such that the eyelashes do not touch the sleep mask when you blink or open your eyes.

Beads: A bead-filled mask has added friction, heating or cooling results.

Here are the perfect sleep masks for your comfort:

Bucky 40 Blinks Contoured Eye Mask

This sleep mask was the best winner in our evaluations: Testers liked the contoured shape that lets you open your eyes while wearing it. They also said that it was easy to put on and take off, and that it stayed on washing machines in the lab without shrinking or hurting them. Not to mention, there was barely any light leakage in our evaluations. There are lots of shades and prints to pick from, and this eye mask is happy to be your new favorite sleep companion.

Mack’s Dreamweaver Contoured Sleep Mask

This second-place sleep mask came in just after Bucky, but because it comes with a carrying case and ear plugs, it nabs our best value choice. The shape of the contour ensures that there's space behind the pupils, so it stood up to the reliability checks of our lab. The downside is that they let in a little lighter than other pricey picks.

Magovel Cotton Sleep Mask

Whether you like the look of natural fabrics, this one is made of a cotton cover that users claim is super soft. It's also adjustable with an easy-to-shape piece of nose and side flaps, making it ideal for backsleepers to block light from all angles. On top of that, there's a comfortable, broad strap that's easy to change so you can find the best match.

Fishers Finery Silk Sleep Mask

It does not totally filter out the sun, but sleeping on the silk feels great and can even help avoid creases in your skin – perfect for stomach sleepers. This Fisher Finery mask is made of a high-quality cloth that was both solid and moisturizing in our tests. It is also the keeper of the Good Household Lock, and if it is broken or faulty within two years, Good Housekeeping will give you a refund.

Gravity Weighted Sleep Mask

This mask follows the same idea behind its weighted blankets: the warmth calms you down so that you can sleep easier and stay asleep longer. It weighs only one pound, and you feel the weight on your face without it being too much. We notice how the weight is uniformly distributed and made of glass beads, which is smoother than the plastic pellet substitute. This also has a micro-fiber mask that looks lustrous and cool against the skin.

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