Best Portable Mini Air Purifier You Can Use at Home

While most people are aware of contaminants floating outdoors, it may come as a shock to learn that people with allergies may be even more susceptible indoors. The long time we're all spending inside you may be searching for another way to help clean and filter the air in your house, the one thing you can't do to disinfect wipes.

Everybody needs fresh air at home, so an air purifier is an convenient way to get it. For many of us, having an air purifier is a must for every living room. If you're struggling with chronic health problems, living with harmful cigarette smoke odors, or trying to enhance the quality of your air as a preventive measure, filters are a straightforward solution. Unfortunately, not all of us have the capacity for a big industrial unit.

If you're trying to purify the air in a tiny living room, or just searching for the most unobtrusive solution for a larger place, you're lucky! This guide is your one-stop source for today's best small air purifiers on the market. Although many compact models may be cheap, slow, and gimmicky, we've put research and effort into researching small-scale warriors out there!

We chose three great models to recommend:

Coway Mighty

Our most budget-friendly suggestion in the compact department is from Coway. It has been on top of The Sweethome's purifier ratings for many years and provides a remarkable value in both the short and long term.

We're impressed with how successful this device is for its size, and we think it makes a great low-cost solution for people who want a good, all-around clean-up without spending a premium on it!

It's very, very lightweight. That one tests just 17x18x10. It's about the size of the regular tote or shopping bag, so it's pretty easy to carry anywhere. Previous buyers used on racks, corners and side tables, as well as on the floor. It's tiny, too, weighing about 12 pounds. Which makes it very convenient, if appropriate, to switch between rooms in your house.

Surprisingly strong. Each one is rated for spaces up to 361 square feet, and is backed by the manufacturer's CADR rating of 240, or 210, as measured by The Sweethome.

We think it's a smart option for most of the bedrooms or nurseries, as well as small kitchens. Previous buyers reported good performance in spaces of up to 300 square feet. They said it dramatically decreased their allergic symptoms, enhanced their ease of breathing, and made the room feel and smell cleaner overall.

Blueair 203

Blueair 203 is our top-quality recommendation for small spaces. It's not as efficient in terms of coverage as the Coway, but it filters much more precisely and has a much better standard of construction.

We love the HEPA Silent Filtration Device, which is super quiet, and it eliminates even the finest allergen particles from your environment. We think it's a great option for purifying bedrooms, particularly for people with extreme allergies who don't have space for a large unit in their home.

It's almost as lightweight as the Coway. It has a carrying handle built in, and it's just 25 pounds. This is especially impressive considering the fact that it was constructed even more heavily than the Coway. This one is measuring 21"x17"x10. Previous buyers said that while it's a little large, it still fits comfortably on dressers, side tables, or beside the bed.

It can occupy any small to medium-sized space. The 203 is rated as capable of handling up to 240 square feet. It may not be a heavyweight in terms of the mere airspace covered, but it really excels in terms of the rate at which it passes through your air. The 203 will purify the environment of your bedroom up to 5 times an hour! We particularly love that it is as quiet as the Coway, that it stays far below the noise level of a low conversation.

Filters more specifically than the Coway. This is due to a hybrid device that incorporates both mechanical and electrostatic filtration methods. At the other hand, the Coway is strictly mechanical.

Rabbit Air

Our favorite portable purifier for wider spaces is Rabbit. It's a slimline machine that can stand on its own like a radiator, or be mounted on a wall like a flat screen TV. In either arrangement, it has a sleek look and an effective, space-saving feature that makes it the perfect purifier for a modern home.

This is very space-efficient. This one is a little broader than our other suggestions, 24"x22.5, "but it's a lot smaller, only 7" thick. That's the best of our options, and it's even more impressive because this one doesn't need nearly as much wall clearance as the Coway or the Blueair.

You can put it on the wall, or you can support it on your own. Equipment and fixtures to be set up in either configuration are included in the pack. It acts a lot like a flat screen TV on the wall. It is perfect for those who are on a shelf or floor space.

This one looks fantastic, too. Although a lot of small purifiers are practical, the Rabbit is not an appliance you need to hide from the internet. The front panels are also adjustable, so you can adapt them to your other furniture.

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