Best Organic Shampoos for Any And All Hair Types

Hair and skin care items are essential components of our everyday routine for many of us. They're like childhood friends. They're still there to take care of us. Many days, the cycle of cleaning and getting ready is a perfect way to re-center, celebrate elegance, and kick off our mornings.

Holistic self-care means treating our bodies, humans, and the planet well — it is important to eliminate toxic substances, as well as to promote cruelty-free, renewable businesses. That's why we love the brands of natural and herbal shampoo and conditioner. We allow us to stay true to our beliefs and feel good when doing so.

Organic shampoo is not as simple as, say, organic cherry growing — from a technical point of view, not all the ingredients that are needed for shampoo can be certified organic. Many companies, of course, have pursued the elusive USDA organic certification, while others have done their absolute best, mixing the majority of organic additives with a few basic, natural and healthy extras.

If you're all about organic skin, check out our list of natural and organic makeup brands as well!

Rahua Shampoo Rainforest Grown

Coconut oil is the star ingredient here, gently removing dirt from the shaft of your hair without placing fake dirt on your skin. This also offers a little hair development and relaxation of the scalp.

100% Pure Glossing Shampoo

If you use 100% Natural, you will never have to think about toxic substances or artificial ingredients. This Silicon Valley-based company maximizes the advantages of natural ingredients and is committed to supporting safe products rich in protective antioxidants. We love the selection of shampoos and conditioners in a variety of fresh colours, as well as affordable price points. 100% Pure also sells beauty and skincare items, making this one of our favorite one-stop shops.

John Masters Organics

John Masters Organics is a game-changer for beautiful natural hair care products. The company naturally prefers fertilisers, pesticides and other growing aids and is committed to collaborations with local farmers. John Masters also avoids synthetic chemicals and instead uses wild-harvested ingredients and cold-pressed, steam-distilled extracts.

Dr. Alkaitis Organic Herbal Shampoo

You know the amazing lather most of the beauty advertisements promise, but you can't do it in the shower? This herbal shampoo is good! Dr. Alkaitis's shampoo uses ingredients such as aloe vera, coconut oil, and vitamin E to produce the ideal amount of shower fizz while reinforcing strands and enhancing shine.

Alaffia Shampoo

Alaffia, named after a traditional greeting for health and well-being in central Togo, Belin and Nigeria, is a multinational social enterprise. Such hair care products are made in Western Africa using the finest and safest natural ingredients. In addition, the company fights against injustice and generates jobs and resources through co-ops and collectives. Shampoos and conditioners are made from ethically traded virgin coconut oil, unrefined shea butter and natural plants. Alaffia also manufactures hair care products and 2-in-1 regimens.

Real Purity Chamomile Shampoo

Real Purity is one of the pioneers of all-natural, non-toxic makeup, skincare and body care products. The dedication of the brand to clean beauty was born from a background in biochemistry and a desire to substitute toxic ingredients with high-quality botanicals that are ideal for even the most delicate skin. Such shampoos are inexpensive and personalized to suit different hair needs — whether you're looking for a product to fix, replenish, or simply wash your hair.

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