Best Organic and Natural Blushes Reviewed

Imagine ending your beauty look every day with a soft dusting of a perfect powdered blush made of natural fruit pigments including pomegranates, berries and cherries. Imagine getting ready for a big date by putting on a cream blush made from luscious, all-natural ingredients like shea butter, Moroccan argan oil, and jojoba oil. It is the truth of using a raw and organic lipstick! Compared to an organic lipstick made from actual fruit (you have to try one!), organic and natural blush is one of the most stunning and fairy-like additions to your makeup kit.

While the natural and sustainable beauty trend has grown in success, so has the array of beautifully made sustainable blushes. Natural blush products come in the form of pressed paste, liquid and cream; each available in glittery and matt textures. A real natural blush is made using both the fresh and organic ingredients. Below are some of the most common natural ingredients used to produce organic blushes: real earth minerals: usually used in real blushes because of their color pigments and reflective / glittery properties. The most common natural minerals used are iron oxides, titanium dioxide, mica and silica.

Antioxidant Rich Fruit Pigments: made from the rich natural pigments of real fruit, these pigments lend their beautiful shade to certain natural blushes. Highly pigmented fruits (such as bananas, pomegranates, cherries, strawberries, etc.) are widely used for their vivid colours.

Butters & Oils: Used as a basis for cream and liquid blush. Cocoa butter, shea butter, jojoba oil, castor oil, sunflower oil and coconut oil are only a handful of the natural butters and oils used in organic blouses.

Waxes: Waxes such as beeswax and candelilla wax thicken and add a balm-like feel to cream and adhere to blush.

Powders: Tapioca starch, corn starch, rice flour, and rice starch are often used as a foundation or for oil production in some natural blush.

Each of these may be deemed the perfect natural and/or herbal flush. Most each of them has their own special characteristics to deliver. Pick the one that's perfect for your needs until you know a little bit about them.

W3LL People Nudist Multistick

When the skin appears to respond to any of the cosmetics you add on it, start using this high-performance EEC-certified blush that does not contain non-toxic ingredients such as parabens, sulphates, fragrances, pheonoxyethanol, dimethicone and PEGs. A nude multi-stick (in 3 variants) complements all skin tones and gives you a touch of sheer pigment on your cheeks, hair, and lips in a pinch. It is also filled with calming ingredients such as organic aloe and antioxidants such as green tea and chamomile flowers.

Sappho New Paradigm Blush

Too much of the makeup issue is the chemical colors used to show them their various tones and textures. Yet Sappho New Paradigm produces their bright paint pallets with eco-certified mineral pigments (6 shades) that give you a long-lasting, satin finish. And who knew that you needed argan and jojoba seed oil in a blush? Sappho did it, and they did it, oh-so-right, with certified organic ones.

Kjaer Weis Cream Blush

With more than ten shades in this set, there's no skin tone, the model-favorite brand Kjaer Weiss didn't cover it. Whether you want a natural blush with the added advantage of antioxidants that battle the obvious symptoms of ageing, make an investment in this luxury organic blush. Not only does it contain the calming effects of castor and jojoba oils, it is infused with wrinkle-fighting rose rubiginose seed oil and antioxidants such as Gardenia Florida fruit extract (which also serves as a natural preservative).

Jane Iredale PurePressed Blush

Using the "Rolls Royce" of minerals – the boron nitride – Jane Iredale's pressed powder blush holds true to its origins as a detailed mineral makeup collection that uses only the finest quality ingredients. Use this blush to softly outline and illuminate your cheekbones, while the antioxidant-rich and non-comedogenic recipe prevents the skin from free radicals and breakouts.

Vapour Organic Beauty Aura Multi-Purpose Blush

A multi-purpose blendable stick that's great for lips, eyes, and lids on the go. Such 8 translucent blushes are filled with rare and natural ingredients and botanicals such as frankincense, tulli and lotus – all of which soothe and soothe the surface of the skin but also offer an additional layer of protection against environmental aggressors.

Ilia Beauty Multi-Stick

Available in 5 colors, this versatile multi-purpose stick is filled with soothing organic ingredients: vitamin E cures and regenerates the skin and shea butter and contributes to the soft and buttery feel. It goes on with a mild, silent expression on the face, mouth, and hair.

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