Best Natural Toners to Up Your Skin Care Game

What does your skin care routine look like? Do you adopt a 10-step Korean skincare routine, or are the cleanser and moisturizer of your bathroom cabinet heroes? Irrespective of that, there is one skin care product that you can use to make your everyday routine get less of a chore. Face toner is necessary to prepare your skin for serum and moisturizer. Talk about this for a heavy-lifting beauty product. Below are the advantages of a natural toner, as well as the best natural toners to help you jump into your skin care routine.

What's the toner doing for your face?


After using a facial cleanser, pat the toner to help brush away the excess cleanser, wax, grime and makeup that you skipped. Removing excess oil and other gunk is important to avoid clogged pores that can lead to acne.


Do you know your skin is slightly acidic? The mixture of sebum and sweat is the acid mantle of your skin. The mixture helps to repel bacteria and toxins, as well as to prevent water from leaving your skin. Toner ingredients help you calibrate the skin's pH so that it can absorb more nutrients from other skin care products.


Natural ingredients such as witch hazel and rosewater have astringent properties. This means that they help close the pores for a smoother complexion and a more uniform skin tone. Toner is a must-have for anyone who battles the presence of swollen pores!


Toner is water-based to moisturize the skin with a radiant complexion. Moisturizer is oil-based to prevent the water from evaporating. Every form of skin requires hydration to keep the signs of aging at bay, while oily skin types may need less hydration.

We've searched the web for top products to help you regain harmony, no matter your skin type. And they're also a pleasure to use, with calming ingredients and raw, refreshing scents:

Rose Hibiscus Hydrating Face Mist from Herbivore

A calming, floral toner with a heavenly fragrance that is ideal for every form of skin. Natural ingredients function in unison to foster a healthier, more radiant complexion. Rose and witch hazel are combating inflammation and closing the pores. Aloe and coconut water provide rich nutrient hydration. We enjoy using radish root ferment as a natural preservative.

Geranium Palmarosa Face Toner from Meow Meow Tweet

If you like rose water, here's another face toner you'll enjoy, containing soothing ingredients like lavender and geranium. Apple cider vinegar helps to balance the pH in your skin. What's more, antioxidant-rich plant oils help to cure and moisturize your skin. These ingredients are suitable for dry or ripe skin. This toner makes it easier for the skin to absorb facial oil.

Fermented Rice Water Toner from 100% PURE

Sake or fermented rice water — holy grail of toner ingredients — is high in cojic acid and nutrients that encourage a smoother, healthier complexion. This toner is a savior of brightening and evening skin tone, and is especially helpful in the anti-aging routine. Licorice, lemon, and shiitake mushrooms work in tandem to combat the dark spots.

Facial Elixir from Laurel

This mist includes a wealth of vitamin-rich botanicals to refresh the skin after washing and during the day. Lemon balm is anti-inflammatory and is used to close pores for a healthier skin. It is supplemented by a mild combination of floral hydrosols to hydrate and soothe the scalp. A gentle symphony on the face. Ideal for regular or advanced forms of skin.

Hydrating Accelerator from Josh Rosebrook

The name of this botanical-packed toner shows you precisely what it is doing. Hydrating aloe water facilitates the transfer of nutrients to the skin. Turmeric, calendula, chamomile soothes and calms the skin. This multi-tasking toner is also moisturizing. It is filled with light oils such as jojoba, marula and sea buckthorn, making this toner suitable for all skin types.

Aloe + Immortelle Hydra-Repair Treatment Mist from Odacite

Odacite understands that hydration is the key to a young head. This toner contains sodium hyaluronate, also known as hyaluronic acid, a crucial molecule in the anti-aging fight. It moisturizes and plumps the face, whereas antioxidant-rich spirulina and plant proteins preserve nutrients. There is no witch hazel that may adhere to dry or allergic skin styles.

Anarose Hydrating Rose Toner from Mun

This face toner is all about calming the skin, making a beautiful smooth canvas. Prickly pear and herbal extracts tend to soothe the scalp. Rose tea, aloe extract, and hyaluronic acid hydrate for a plump complexion. It's an important booster for skin care and hair, and it's still perfect as a soothing pick-me-up all day.

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