Best Natural & Nontoxic Eyeliner

Why do you need to turn to cleaner eyeliner?

People always believe that lipstick or foundation is the most appropriate product when it comes to cleaning: the former because it is by mouth and foundation because it covers a large area of skin. Personally, I've just thought that if liners or mascaras covered such a tiny surface area, it couldn't be that bad. Research has shown, however, that among the beauty categories that are important for transitioning to clean versions, eye makeup may be the most important because the eye region has been shown to absorb the chemicals that come into contact with it, according to research by reproductive epidemiologist Kim Harley, Ph.D., a researcher at the University among California.

Good news is that after study participants moved to healthy personal care goods, the concentration of chemicals such as parabens and phthalates decreased by up to 45 per cent in three days.

However, the eyeliners have another issue: the demand. I don't think that anyone will disagree with me that it's the toughest cosmetic to add. To begin with, there are so many types of eyeliners, each each has a different technique each finish. Then there's the fact that liner has a precision that stuff like blush and mascara really don't. And, finally, for a lot of people, it's not a regular commodity, making practice at best inconsistent.

So, if you're in search of a liner, here's what you should do. Next, determine what kind of "head look" you want: it will all depend on how strong and bright the final result is. A clean movie, huh? You're going to need something jet black, fine-tuned, and inky. A slight smudge to build a mascara base? The trick can be accomplished by a less rough gray or brown gentle pencil.

Here, we have gathered the very best natural options and what they are suited to:

W3LL PEOPLE Expressionist Liquid Liner

This will give you the finest cat-eye, thanks to a smooth formula and a felt edge. (Felt tips are firmer than brushes, and they're easier to draw with, which makes them perfect for anyone.) And this sticks around like the best of them, and it's waterproof (not waterproof, so it'll wash away). The reason that we all forget about liquid options? Enable to dry for at least 10 seconds before moving, applying another layer, or topping with mascara. Even, unless you're a pro, it's better to draw a short stroke flick instead of a long one.

Jane Iredale Mystikol Powdered Eyeliner

Powder eyeliners have always been my go-to, so I'm partial to Jane Iredale's handy creamy-powder hybrid. The all-in-one set comes with a soft, dense liner pod that can do it all: a tight lash line to dramatic night look, if you are so inclined. This powder works so well because it's slightly wet already (most powders you need to wet before applying), so you can simply dab and apply. Plus, the brush is right in the cap: Pull off the narrow end of the top, and flip it around for the oval-shaped tip.

Jillian Dempsey Eyeliner

None is more traditional than a kohl eyeliner pencil. Drags on dark and smooth with the most satisfyingly simple smolder. These are perfect if you want your eyeliner to be visible but not too dramatic. An old kohl pencil makeup artist used to warm it up a little by rubbing the capped tip between your palms — because it was softer — but it's made with jojoba and marula oils, because it doesn't need any extra help: it's as velvety as it comes.

ILIA Pure Eyeliner

Colored eyeliners were originally designed to help bring out your natural shade. But they've become more famous late as a playful touch in an unexpected position that isn't too bold (unless you're doing a neon liner, most shades are still very subtle). Navy blue, dark plum, and emerald green appear to be the most wearable — which ILIA has in their set, plus a sparkling gold-and-black choice just for fun.

Antonym Natural Certified Natural Pencil Noir

For those with sensitive skin and hair, liners are difficult or totally out of reach. This iconic black pencil, made of candelilla and carnauba, is a dermatologist-approved for those with sensitivities as well as for the water line (usually no-no for a lot of liners).

bareMinerals One Fine Micro Precision Liner

There are moments that call for nothing more than a radiant face, hydrated lips, and a mascara coat. In those days, the best way to look — together, without feeling "done "— is a matte black liner gravure around the lash line. This adds a good thickening base to your mascara, but it doesn't look like you're wearing anything. This ultra-fine cream pencil gives you only that — no mess, no mess.

INIKA Certified Organic Eye Pencil

This sparkling emerald shade is so sophisticated and playful. It's a little less bold than the blue cobalt, but still so eye-catching. Yet fans of this pencil series are impressed by its long-lasting wearability: it won't vanish or melt as the day goes by, making it ideal for daily use.

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