Best Lip Oils for Chapped and Dry Lips

Oil-based cosmetics are one of the biggest trends that we are seeing right now through skin care. Oils are effective because they contain natural fats which soften and protect the outer layer with emollient properties for the skin.

These lip oils also give the shine of a gloss without the stickiness, along with the vitamins and botanical extracts which nourish and prevent the chapped lips. Most go on white, reminiscent of your favorite face oil or with a glossy shimmer for a color pop that's barely out there. Whatever you choose, the high-gloss absorbs light in order to soften the appearance of thin lines and flakes.

Here are some of the new lip oils that we cannot resist swiping around. Try either of these, and you'll probably be hooked to the comfortable feeling as well.

Votary Natural Lip Oil

This chic glass vial is packed with such a healthy solution, it's technically edible but it's going to do more topically for your lips. Ingredients such as African watermelon, passionflower, jojoba, and sweet almond oil soften and moisturize and there is a deliciously pure, fresh citrus fragrance to elevate your senses upon application!

Sugar Rush Lip Sip Vegan Lip Oil

Sugar Rush, Tarte's sister brand, has three shades of this vegan lip oil rich in jojoba and sunflower seed oil. They all smell good, and they all offer a subtle, pure wash of colour. For the lovers of the nude-lip there's Fresh Pressed, cherry slush for a just-sorta-there red pop, and dragon fruit for a pink wash.

Wander Beauty Lip Retreat Oil

This formula is available in a colorless, shiny formula but also in a shade of berry, nude, and pink to make it easy to blend color with lip care. Wander's lip oil is a mixture of fatty acid rich ingredients such as Chilean rosa canina fruit oil and rich avocado oil to hydrate this thin-skinned region deeply.

Burt's Bees Tinted Lip Oil

The nutritious, natural combination of meadowfoam seed and coconut oils softens the lips and offers a touch of sheer color (select from six shades). We particularly love the pen-like applicator which makes swiping foolproof.

Hourglass Nº 28 Lip Treatment Oil

Although $1 off $50 is expensive for a lip product, Hourglass' formula hasn't come to play! This recipe definitely has nourishing botanical oils, but it also has some amazing technologies. There's saliporine-8, a succulent-derived ingredient known to boost moisture levels up to 6000 percent for 28 days when used twice daily. There is also volulip for improving texture, form and softness. Finally, viamerine hydrates and is anti-aging.

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