Best Jade Rollers You’ll Ever Use on Your Face

Who knew that rolling fancy stones all over your face would make you so popular? Suggested on social media as the perfect glow-getter, jade rollers are usually a double-ended massage instrument made of a smoothed-out stone that is intended to be rubbed all over the face and decollete. It's not a new company, though. Jade rollers have been used in Chinese herbal medicine for centuries and have recently gained attention since they actually work. Although the tool is beautifully stunning, what exactly is it doing?

The self-care benefits of jade rollers run gamma, but most importantly, they boost, stretch, de-puff, and smooth yourself. And if they look like mini paint rollers, don't feel silly taking a few moments to integrate them into your skincare routine. They may be small, but they have the ability to make a difference in the overall look and sound of your face. Finding a jade roller isn't hard either — nearly every big company has launched their own jade rollers. They could be made of green jade, peach quartz, you name it.

Ahead are the perfect jade rollers that will make your skin look fine.

Atahana Jade Roller

Okay, if you want a super cool jade roller, but you're still kind of fresh when it comes to the style, you need this ASAP pick. Not only is AF beautifully appealing, but it also comes with an informative video by an aesthetician that shows you how to conduct a lymphatic drainage treatment, along with a moving visual guide that can help you deal with everything from anxiety headaches to sinus pressure.

Ethons Jade Roller & Gua Sha

This 2-in-1 set is perfect because you don't want to have to pick between a jade roller and a gua sha. You'll get all the advantages of both devices at a super-reasonable price, including the option to adjust your face massage routine based on what mood you're getting. What's not to be in love?

Ovovo Agate Jade Roller Massager

Don't be scared of the color of this jade roller. It has all the advantages of a standard 'ol green jade roller — depuffing, relaxing, etc .— but it's made from 100% agate jade. AKA, it's going to look really good on your vanity.

Skin Gym Jade Crystal Facial Roller

Who hasn't woken up with just too many glasses of wine under his eyes? This jade roller is here to help you (and your bags) get out of it. It's double-sided, and you can use the smaller end to get into those hard-to-reach inner-eye corners.

Mount Lai De-Puffing Jade Facial Roller

Yeah, theoretically, you can get the same results with a facial massage, but are your hands as sweet as this jade roller? You didn't think so. Layer on a cream or a facial spray (it's so much better to use a jade roller on moisturized skin), and take the broad end of the roller and run it around the facial in an outward direction. Your skin should feel a bit less puffy (thanks to the massage) and a little more radiant (thanks to the serums and oils).

Esker Beauty Allover Jade Roller

This extra-large jade roller is specially made for use on the whole body. When you get out of the tub, use a textured roller to rub your body hair. You'll always feel soothed and happy.

Herbivore Jade Facial Roller

Jade has a naturally cool temperature, which not only feels nice on the skin, but also tends to de-puff. That coolness will make you look (and feel) less sleepy at the a.m. It’s sort of like a less violent shot of an espresso.

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