Best Face Serums That Industry Experts Swear By

So you do everything right — washing your face, moisturizing, using SPF, you 're calling it — but your skin still looks tired and dull. A hyaluronic serum may just be the thing you need to bring back that coveted summer glow, even when sun is not in sight. Face serums offer a concentrated dose of moisturizing ingredients, such as hyaluronic acid , vitamin C, anti-aging properties, and retinol, to help hydrate and nourish the skin deep inside. We asked dermatologists to disclose the most effective (and affordable) formulations you can find at your local drugstore, Amazon, or pretty much anywhere you like shopping. Here are the best face serums that you should try.

Ole Henriksen Truth Serum

Ole Henriksen, a pioneer of vitamin C – infused skin care, invented this strong brightening, anti-aging serum years ago, and it is now one of his most famous offerings. The mix of orange and green tea extracts, vitamin C, and collagen works to brighten up, visibly firm, and provide hydration throughout the day whenever you apply it. It's a very good, cheap choice which proves its place in your arsenal.

BioEffect EGF Serum

This is a doozy. See, it's known for (and won awards for) replenishing the body's own natural supply of EGF (epidermal growth factor) and rejuvenating the skin cells, and it helps stop the aging process quite literally. EGF is very good for your skin, as it helps skin cells improve collagen and elastin production to increase the capacity of your body to retain water and maintain healthy, youthful skin. Another good thing to note? It's so strong that you don't even have to add moisturizer to top it. Only purify, sound, apply and go.

Neutrogena Rapid Wrinkle Repair Serum

Try the well-reviewed alternative Neutrogena for just-as-effective results (and much less money). It's a mixture of accelerated retinol SA, an ingredient that acts to erase crow's feet and front and cheek wrinkles, brighten the color of your skin and improve its texture. In addition , it uses hyaluronic acid to plump and hydrate, replenishing the skin's moisture and calming any persistent discomfort.

Biologique Recherche Serum Placenta

Biologique Recherche 's innovative serum aimed at curing and restoring tackles troublesome skin care problems such as post-acne scarring, dark circles, and pigment stains. What's more, it really does work. Before I started using this drug, I 'd never noticed a difference in my dark circles (they 're genetic). It reconstructs the skin, speeds up the natural healing process and restores softness and tone where it was once.

SkinMedica TNS Essential Serum

SkinMedica's TNS Essential Serum is surprisingly powerful, becoming a favorite of more beauty editors than I can name in one sitting. It is almost mind-blowing. It has growth factors and antioxidants to help minimize inflammation and regenerate skin cells, as well as a protein- and amino acid-rich complex to counter-age, improve, and preserve the glowy, youthful flush that is ever-glowing.

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