Best Bubble Baths that You Should Buy ASAP

Taking a long, relaxing bath is one of the most inexpensive and self-indulgent ways of doing self-care. If you feel exhausted, baths can make a huge difference—helping you unwind after a hard day at work, relax before bed and, of course, get squeaky clean. And, the best adult bubble baths will take the routine of bath time to a whole other level.

Bubble baths are (obviously) not just for kids, but that doesn't mean an adult would like to use the same suds that a three-year-old loves. Apart from the bubbles, adult-focused bath items also contain well-cured ingredients (beyond just normal 'old, tried and true lavender') to help clear your mind and calm you down — or energize you, if you're looking for that. You can also spice up your bath by selecting bubbles made with different oils, salts and relaxing and hydrating ingredients that will leave you feeling anything but prune when you come out of the water.

Here's a list of the best bubble baths to use, all gentler and healthier for the whole family.

Kneipp Herbal Bath Sweet Dreams

If you have trouble falling asleep, adding a night-time bath to your routine could help you relax, particularly if that bath is filled with scents that signal the sleepy-time to your brain. This herbal, bedtime-inspired bubble bath is made with hop extract and valerian oil, both of which have been effectively soothing and relaxing people for centuries preparing for a good night's sleep.

Deep Steep Coconut Oil Bubble Bath

You can't really understate the benefits of coconut oil on the skin, and with this bubble bath of coconut oil, you can add this hydrating oil right to your water, along with argan oil and shea butter. Only be careful not to slide your way out of the shower!

Alaffia Moisturizing Shea Butter Unscented Bubble Bath

If you're prone to fragrances, you'll love this deeply hydrating, unscented bubble bath that restore dry skin using fair-trade, unrefined shea butter. The formula also contains African yam which works to soothe the skin in combination with shea butter.

Dead Sea Essentials Bubble Bath Trio

If you just can't pick the bubble bath you like, or you want a range of bubble bath scents and experiences available to you at all times, then this bubble bath trio is the way to go. This trio of paraben-free bubble baths will avoid some kind of monotony when it comes to bath time, with hydrating hibiscus, nourishing milk and honey and soothing lavender.

The Body Shop Honeymania Bath Melt

This Body Shop melt bath produces a smooth lather of soft, honey-scented bubbles. It is made of fair trade wildflower honey which makes the skin silky smooth and helps to encourage elasticity when you are bathing.

Honest Co. Deeply Bubble Bath Nourishing Apricot Kiss

This soft, apricot-scented bubble bath has a light, enlivening fragrance. And, this natural, hypoallergenic formula is super gentle on the eyes, which also makes it great for babies.

Skin Milk Foaming Bath

This bubble bath contains milk proteins that help hydrate your skin and exfoliate it gently along with vitamins A, D, and E. Rather than smelling like milk (which isn't necessarily shouting bath time), it smells like a combination of lily white pond and vanilla creating a serious spa atmosphere.

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