Avocado Oil Benefits for Skin & Hair

Avocados have been a staple in the USA. After 2000 our appetite for avocado has risen exponentially, and with good reason. These are one of the most savory and flexible superfoods out there. We love adding the creamy fruit to our meals, from toast to burritos and everything in between. Avocados are filled with healthy fats and other nutrients (hello, vitamins B, C, E and K!) and you can indulge without shame in that green buttery goodness. In addition to how large they are when eaten, when used on your hands, hair and nails, avocados have a lot of great benefits.

The oil derived from an avocado's flesh happens to be an excellent addition to heating up your beauty routine.

Avocado oil is finding its way into lotions, lippies, hair conditioners and more with hydrating effects and nourishing ingredients. It is time to stop talking about avocados as an add-on to your meal and start putting them at the center of your beauty routine. Here are some of the notable advantages of avocado oil for hair and skin.

Benefits for Skin & Hair

Avocado oil has proven to be an effective topical treatment for chronic plaque psoriasis in one study, with its benefits staying consistent over the entire observation period. The avocado oil provides gentle, non-irritating relief for those with itchy, dry, sensitive skin.

Avocado oil can stimulate the development of collagen from within, in addition to its topical benefits on collagen. Another research shows that the intake of avocado oil contributes to substantial increases in the amount of soluble collagen in skin.

Avocado oil has a high concentration of antioxidants, essential fatty acids, biotin and vitamins. It has been shown that these nutrients lubricate the hair and avoid hair breakage while improving shine.

Philip B. Peppermint and Avocado Volumizing and Clarifying Shampoo

A gentle but powerful shampoo that reinvigorates your hair. To produce voluminous and glossy locks, the avocado oil nourishes the scalp and hair. Plus the scent of peppermint turns your typical douche into a relaxing oasis!

CARGO Swimmables Eye Pencil

Sunflower and avocado oils combine to produce a rich, cushiony feel for smooth use. This highly pigmented waterproof eyeliner quickly glides on for a bold look that lasts up to 14 hours, perfect if you want to rock a smoldering eye that stays put while dancing away the night.

Indie Lee Calendula Eye Balm

A moisturizer that hydrates, de-puffs, and tightens multitasking. This eye balm, made with avocado oil and all-natural ingredients, encourages firmness and elasticity around the delicate skin under your eyes. Dab on a little if you need an immediate boost to rejuvenate!

Juara Java Plum & Avocado Nourishing Mask

A luxurious facial mask lined with avocado oils to hydrate and nourish the skin instantaneously. The avocado oils have anti-aging benefits and work hand in hand with java plum, mango and banana oils to soothe, strengthen and relax dry skin.

EMANI HD Corrective Concealer

The EMANI HD Corrective Concealer blurs away dark spots and discolouration while hydrating the skin for a flawless finish as well. The Mystery? You know that: Oil from avocado. It nourishes the skin and adds antioxidant protection while the concentrated pigment offers long-lasting defect coverage.

Eminence Organic Skin Care Stone Crop Cleansing Oil

The Eminence Organic Skin Care Stone Crop Cleaning Oil might be the one if you have to add cleaning oil to your routine yet. The rare deep clean mix of oils eliminates redness and softens skin. Not ready to replace your facial cleaner of choice? It effectively removes the makeup, so in a double-cleanse phase, it works wonderfully as step one.

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