5 Best Mushroom Coffees for Wellness

Discussing trendy natural food is a common subject today on social media, food forums and fitness podcasts, name it "mindfulness" or "self care." Wellness phenomena such as oat milk and CBD have thus reached the mainstream, and drinks mixed in with powdered mushroom are growing.

According to a report published by Pinterest at the beginning of 2019, superfood powders had a 144 percent year-over-year rise in searches on the 250 million-user social networking platform, and interest in nutrient-packed mushrooms, in particular, increased by 46 percent.

The global mushroom market will surpass $50 billion by 2022, predicts market research firm Grand View Research partly because of the food connection with healthy eating.

Mushroom coffees create a serious buzz in the world of wellness. But medicinal mushrooms aren't fresh-they've been used in mushroom teas for thousands of years, even.

Today, its advantages are rediscovered by scientists. But fungi often squeamish other men, says Licensed Herbalist (AHG) and mushroom expert Danielle Ryan Broida. For Four Sigmatic, she's the National Educator, a business on a mission to make mushrooms an simple (and delicious) part of your everyday routine.

Other firms have entered the market as mushroom coffee is trendier. Read on to find out about the best mushroom coffees from a range of brands — and how they can help you live today's best life.

What Are the Best Mushroom Coffees Available Now?

Four Sigmatic Coffee with Lion's Mane and Chaga (30)

With Lion's Mane and Chaga the Four Sigmatic Mushroom Coffee stands out because it is built to help concentration and productivity.
It is good too. It tastes like really fine coffee.
And it is extremely user friendly. Only blend in hot water one serving package. Or maybe some almond milk, over ice. Or just a smoothie. Or practically anything — the mushrooms are already being harvested so you don't need hot water to take advantage of them.
And it's made by Four Sigmatic, which is generally regarded out there as the best "true mushroom" company.

Rasa Herbal Coffee Alternative

Rasa's Coffee Alternatives are delicious, easy to brew and filled with more adaptogens than any other marketable coffee alternative.
Formulated by a busy herbalist daughter, Rasa has 12 herbs, 7 adaptogens and 2 mushrooms: Reishi and Chaga.
Reishi, known as the medicinal chill mushroom, helps fight off the jitters and anxiety that can accompany drinking coffee. Plus, among other advantages, Reishi and Chaga provide strong immune support.

Four Sigmatic Dark Roast Ground Coffee with Lion’s Mane and Chaga (12 Ounce)

This Four Sigmatic Ground Coffee with Lions Mane and Chaga stands out as you can brew it as usual coffee should be.
That is pretty sweet. You may also enjoy coffee made with mushroom.
The business noticed that not everyone is fond of the idea of instant coffee, Danielle explained. Some of us, our daily rituals are set in our ways. Some of us love our espresso machines at the countertop. Others enjoy doing a pour-over process.
So this blend was produced by Four Sigmatic, which you can brew any way you want.

Sun Alchemy Mushroom Coffee

With Lion's Mane, Reishi, Chaga & Cordyceps Mushrooms, this Sun Alchemy Coffee stands out as it contains all four of the main medicinal mushrooms. If you can't determine what benefits you really need — Immune help! Function Brain! Physical vigor! Good responses to pain! — This might be your coffee.
This comes with 12 packets of 50 grams of caffeine, each serving high quality instant coffee. It was hard to recommend another brand after learning so much about the stringent sourcing requirements of Four Sigmatic and the quality assurance lab testing.
But the coffee from Sun Alchemy is made from the "fruiting bodies" of the mushrooms, which I'd heard was very significant.

La Republica Organic 7 Mushroom Coffee Blend

This Seven Mushroom Coffee Blend is noteworthy as it contains seven usable mushrooms including Chaga, Maitake, Cordyceps, Shiitake, Lion's Mane, Turkey Tail, and Reishi.
And essentially, it will help with everything. The business only uses body extract from meat, and rarely uses mycelium, fillers, or feed.
In Asia's rural farms their mushrooms are grown on wood in greenhouses.
And they do use Arabica coffee, which is fair trade. Each container has around 15 servings. It does not contain as much caffeine (about 60 mg of caffeine per serving) as most coffee.

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