2020 Best Blue-Light-Blocking Glasses Reviewed

Blue light on the light spectrum to which we are exposed on a regular basis is only one color.

Even the sun and indoor lights have a certain amount of blue light, it's just a question of finding out how to handle it. As we spend more time looking at computers, iPads, and smartphones, we are through the amount of blue light that we are exposed to — and that's where blue light filtering glasses might improve.

Hours of looking at a screen or scrolling through your phone can also irritate your eyes and affect your sleep quality. Blue-light glasses are common devices that claim to be helpful, by staring at screens for too long to relieve the eye strain.

To be sure, there is no empirical proof that blue light can cause strain on the eye, nor that blue-light glasses will help relieve pressure on the eye. Whether you have chronic eye pain, or are looking to replace your current prescription lenses with a pair of blue-light blocking ones, you can talk to an eye doctor.

How does blue light say anyway?

Blue light doesn't block the eye well. The cornea and lens block UV rays from entering the back (retina) of the eye. Blue light traverses these systems and can enter the retina.

Exposure to blue light can increase the risk of macular degeneration, and contributes to digital eye stress.

We checked items from top-rated marks on Amazon and Best Buy to find the best blue-light-blocking glasses. We also asked our tech-world colleagues and friends which ways they enjoy spending long hours with screens.

PROSPEK Premium Computer Glasses-Standard Size, Red and Black

When you are using reading glasses, most non-prescription blue-light blockers do not benefit you (unless you are prepared to use both). But those Prospek glasses come from zero to + 3.00 in a magnification range. One woman who uses reading glasses found that they were "comfortable and only slightly changed on the screen colours. At the end of the day I can already see a difference in eye exhaustion (7 to 9 hours screen time). "Another reviewer bought these for herself and her boyfriend. "I'd have horrible headaches and my vision would be really blurry," she says. But now, "I am poping them on and yeah, huuuuuge difference!

J+S Vision Blue Light Shield Computer Reading / Gaming Glasses

A majority of users believe that the blue-light blockers are the most convenient pair out there. "Wow ...... wow. I can't put them on, ' says one. "They're lightweight, transparent, and comfortable to wear." And they're working: "My prescription was minimal, so I didn't need any extra enhancement right off the bat for them," says one user. After wearing these he says he has noticed a "major improvement" in his eyes. Another noticed the same change: "When I got them, my eyes were not in agony, and honestly, the other day I forgot to wear them for about 20 minutes and my eyes were straight back to feeling like they were."

Gamma RAY Blue Light Blocking Computer Gaming & TV Glasses

Blue light is responsible for the levels of squash melatonin, which can affect your sleep. Reviewers bought these to use right before bed because the more intense yellow tint works better at night as it is claimed that the amber-tint blocks the most blue-light. One reader, who uses those glasses for "about two hours before going to sleep," wears them much more frequently than he had anticipated. And he likes their appearance enough to wear them out. "These glasses look amazing and when I'm at restaurants or parties people who don't know about biohacking and the adverse effects of blue light just think I'm wearing prescription glasses with a trendy orange tint."

Cyxus Blue Light Filter Computer Glasses

While users of many of these blue-light-blocking glasses discuss headaches, these glasses have been cited as helping with the condition most frequently. "My eyestrain / headaches / fuzziness have significantly dissipated and I have now bought a couple more for myself and for gifts," says one reviewer. To people who get "constant headaches and eye strains" one woman recommends these glasses. Before buying them she was in "such agony," but they were an "easy fix." Another reviewer agrees. We say their "headaches have decreased tremendously."

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